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Specificity of building a course of powerlifter

If the goal of the bodybuilder is the growth of the maximum volume of muscle mass, the purpose of the powerlifter is different – the highest growth of power indicators while retaining the body weight (of course, this does not apply to the absolute weight category). It happens, quite often, bodybuilders go into powerlifting or

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Stanozolol and Add in Your Workout Cycle

One of the most popular and widely-used steroids in the body-building and athletic world is a substance that grants many wonders. It is a synthetic steroid that is derived from testosterone and can either be orally-consumed or injected. This substance, known as Winstrol, is called Stanozolol—a unique anabolic steroid that has been legally-sold in the

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Fat Burning Program for Men

Want to know how, thanks to the “circular training, you can make the lean body of your dreams? Almost 90% of celebrities use this training technique. Start and you prepare for the beach season – right. The question of choosing a training program for burning fat for men is very important, because it is the

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State of overtraining – What to do with overwork?

The state of health, which manifests itself in the form of chronic fatigue, arising from excessive loads in training – is overtraining an athlete. This condition will very quickly affect sports results – they will become worse and worse. In other words, it is a complete imbalance between the possibilities and loads, training and restoring

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Killer relief training program

The training program for relief is a topic that is relevant not only for those who have long been engaged in the gym, but also for beginners who have already gained a certain mass and want to get rid of the fat layer that hides the muscles and give them relief. The training program, which

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