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Chest muscle explosion – secrets from professional bodybuilders

For such an amazing pectoral muscle, as in Schwarzenegger, Colombo or Roy Calender, you need to pay the corresponding price. Unfortunately, not all bodybuilders understand this. As a result, they train their breasts with complexes of ridiculous intensity, lose years and, in addition, disappoint with their negative experiences newcomers.

1) There are two key points in the “pumping” of the chest. First: first you need to take care of the foundation – the chest, and only then – the muscles. Your chest should be wide and unfolded. It is clear that this condition is feasible only when you got rid of the stoop and straightened your spine.

Remember, a straight spine means a bulging chest. You can easily verify this by standing in front of the mirror. If you suffer from slouching and you have collapsed shoulders, the “pumping” of the pectoral muscles is senseless! The secret of the champion’s breast lies in the fact that the huge, monstrous in its mass plates of the pectoral muscles lie on the PROPOSAL surface of the chest.

2) The pectoral muscles must be “attacked” at all possible angles. So, and the only way they can be made massive, proportionally developed and, in addition, “relief”. Monotonous exercises are contraindicated in breast training. The key to success – in the maximum variation of exercise.



The ribs are attached to the sternum by cartilage, but they can be stretched. As a result, the ribs will be distributed, and the chest will increase. This can be done with special exercises, and I must say that there is nothing harmful in such an effect. If a person takes up the sport in early childhood, then intensive breathing when performing physical exercises leads to the formation of a typical V-shaped chest precisely due to the stretching of the same cartilage. Cartilage tissue at the age of 15-21 years is especially malleable.

Over the years, cartilage loses elasticity. Nevertheless, even after 40 years it is possible to expand the chest!

Boys up to 20 years old get immediate feedback from the chest expansion complex. However, they should work on it for a long period – up to 6 months in order to select the full potential of growth. Athletes more mature should be engaged for at least 7-8 months. It is clear that such training cannot be combined with training of the pectoral muscles, otherwise you will not be able to distinguish muscle growth from the growth of the internal volume of the breast. But as soon as the measurements show the cessation of the increase in the results of the specialized complex, you should leave it and take on the pectoral muscles.

You will perform the complex three times during a weekly training cycle with an interval of 24 hours. Since the complex involves squats, it should be placed on the split days when you train your legs. First you make the complex itself, and then take hold of your legs.

So, the recommended program consists of a super series, including, “breathing squats” and “breathing pullovers.” Super series consists of 25 repetitions of the first exercise and 25 repetitions – the second. Beginners are encouraged to do two such super rounds in one session, middle level athletes 3, and experienced athletes 4-5.

The pause of rest between exercises is practically absent, and between series it takes 3-4 minutes.

“Breathing squats” are the same usual squats with a barbell on the shoulders that are performed for training the muscles of the hips. However, in our case, the weight of the projectile is not significant. Squatting is important to stimulate a powerful, as if tearing the lungs, breathing. The weight of the bar should not exceed the weight of your body.

You need to breathe by a special technique. Standing with a barbell on your shoulders, take a full breath and a full breath. Then 3 more such full breaths and only 2 exhalations. Inhaling the last third time, hold your breath and crouch. Straighten out, exhale.

During the first 10 repetitions, do three deep, energetic exhalations and inhalations. In the course of another 10 repetitions – four breaths each. For the last five repetitions should be five breaths.

Remember, it is very important to observe strict regularity and depth of breathing, not to mention the very scheme of breaths. The fact is that you have in front of you a time-tested system, the effectiveness of which has been proven by many generations of “stars”. Like any system, it will bring results only when you follow it UNCELETIVELY.

Next, without letting yourself catch your breath, lay back on a horizontal bench and do pullovers. The weight of the bar and here should be small, about 15-20 kg. The main thing is breathing!
In the initial position, the bar, taken by grip on the width of the shoulders, should fall exactly on the line drawn through the shoulder joints. Straighten your elbows.

Take a deep breath and lower the bar in a wide arc behind your head as low as possible. Holding your breath, return the bar to its original position and exhale. You need to repeat the movement 25 times.

At first, it will not be easy to master the complex, but when confidence comes, start experiments with the width of the grip. Change it from narrow to wide. Suppose one approach is a narrow grip, the second is medium, the third is wide …

Finally, let me remind you that in these exercises you are not dealing with muscles, but with the skeletal system. You need patience and patience multiplied by energy and fanaticism. A significant result will appear no sooner than six months of the hardest work. But he will! And this is the main point!

All types of bench press on an inclined bench stimulate the growth of the upper parts of the pectoral muscles. The chest muscles as a whole, the deltas and the triceps are indirectly loaded.

Dumbell press


The dumbbell bench press should be performed on both the horizontal and inclined bench. The impact on the pectoral muscles in each position will be the same as in the press with a barbell. The main advantage of the dumbbell presses is that they provide a large amplitude of movement, and, as a result, a greater effect on the muscles. Judge for yourself, at the lower point of the barbell press, the bar rests on the chest, but with dumbbells you can lower your arms much lower. This circumstance allows you to more strongly stretch the pectoral muscles at the beginning of the movement.

The press on trainer

The bench press on a conventional simulator saves you from the risk of injury, the need to involve a partner for help, but the most important thing, of course, is that it provides a unique stretching of the pectoral muscles. Pay attention to the shape of the handle of this simulator. She does not repeat the neck bar. The U-shaped bend in its middle allows you to lower the burden as low as your shoulder joints allow. As for the direct effect on the pectoral muscles, it depends on the inclination of the bench. The only minus of the simulator is that it does not allow to change the width of the grip.

Breeding of hands with dumbbells lying

Changing the inclination of the bench will allow you to direct the load to either the upper, or middle, or lower chest areas.

Push-ups on the bars

Exercise perfectly develops the lower and outer areas of the pectoral muscles.