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Steroid courses: a sensible approach

A certain time comes when many athletes come to the conclusion that the organism’s ability to reach new and higher results has come, using only its reserves, the data from nature, is no longer possible. To overcome this threshold can help steroids courses that allow you to raise your personal “bar”, and climb new sports tops.


Reasonable approach to choosing steroids

In the modern sports world, steroids are no longer the privilege of professionals, they are also available to beginners who want fast and visible results. Courses steroids vary in types and methods of application, the duration of time. Short and longer, they are divided into heavy and lighter, to set and dry muscles. We need a reasonable approach to choosing a course of steroids, an understanding of the principle of their action in the body.

Reasonably compiled, correctly taken courses of steroids are distinguished by their efficiency, increase the weight gain to ten kilograms, improve the relief of muscles. The result depends only on the goal set by the athlete when choosing a course.

It should be noted that not always popular courses of steroids can suit anyone. This is a reasonable approach to the choice of steroids. Be sure to take into account the individual characteristics of physical fitness of an athlete, his anthropometric data.

The Internet is filled with dubious information about various, supposedly effective and safe steroid courses. It is not necessary to take everything on faith and, all the more so, to try everything on yourself, without checking it out and without consulting with a specialist. It must be remembered that anyone, even considered a safe course, has both anabolic and androgenic effects that can lead to undesirable consequences.

Basics of a safe course of steroids

Of the two methods of using steroid preparations, the injectable course is considered safer than the oral method of administration. Injectable drugs do not have a harmful effect on the liver, since they do not pass through it, unlike oral ones. Although beginners in the sport try to refuse injections, explaining this by inconvenience in using or citing other reasons, it is still safer and better to inject steroids, especially long-term.

There is another factor that should be taken into account – the phenomenon of “rollback”. In other words, after the end of the course, if you do not conduct after a course of therapy, the athlete partially loses the weight gained during the course of the course, the muscles “deflate”, sometimes very significantly, if you do not take money after the course therapy.

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A safe course of steroids. Regimen

The main method of an effective, safe course of steroids is to carry out the dosages of the drugs used, recommended by a specialist, and you should not get involved in long cycles. Only an expert, based on experience and knowledge of the issue, is able to correctly assess the level of physical fitness of an athlete, and to make an individual course AU

In order to achieve a long-term, stable result, and to avoid harmful health effects, it is recommended to conduct two courses of weak, instead of one, but powerful course at increased doses. Taking over the high doses of the AU, you do not get a guarantee that the result will be as high, but the risk of atrophy of the genital organs and other adverse illnesses increases.

The training and nutrition regimen at the SC (steroid courses) is fundamentally different from regular training. On the course of the load should be more and more intense, and food richer in protein. This is due to the fact that the body activates anabolic processes, respectively, and protein synthesis, the movement of oxygen, as a catalyst for biochemical reactions in the body.

It is equally important during training sessions on the course of the AU, to properly organize a balanced diet. A good choice would be specialized sports nutrition. It already contains the required number of calories, and the protein content is balanced in relation to fats and carbohydrates. In terms of content, training on courses may not differ much from the regular training program, but the duration and number of training will necessarily increase.

Another method of safe steroids is to adhere to the immutable rule. The time interval between courses of reception of the AU should be twice the duration of the course itself. The body needs to restore the level of production of natural testosterone, suppressed drugs.

All men who do not have significant abnormalities in health and medical contraindications, and who have reached the age of majority, can take AU. It must be remembered that many drugs when taken lead to an increase in blood pressure, in addition, oral drugs adversely affect the work of the kidneys and liver. Those who have problems with these organs should take steroids with caution.

For women, many drugs are generally contraindicated due to the strong androgenic influence, and steroid courses in dosage are halved and shorter in time.

Popular Ready Steroid Courses

Starting training at the steroids courses, an athlete must prepare for strict observance not only of the training process, but also of a strict sports diet. The safest steroid courses can not steroid insure against the occurrence of side effects. Therefore, the mandatory inclusion of anti-estrogens, such as Tamoxifen, is required.

For weight gain, especially for beginners, a good course combining Deca-Durabolin / Dianabol and compulsory therapy at the end of the course with the use of Proviron / Tamoxifen, a cortisol blocker, plus Tribulus is recommended.

Several generations of athletes successfully use this combination, which made it so popular. It allows you to avoid side effects while taking small doses and get a good gain in muscle mass. A six-week course on such a system requires a break of at least two months.

  • To achieve the quality of muscle mass will help sterodyny courses that include such drugs as Anavar / Winstrol. Taking these drugs is good for athletes who already have enough mass without excess fat. The preparations included in this course trigger the mechanism of the breakdown of fats and the sgon of the liquid, which makes it possible to achieve dry, elastic muscles with good venous relief. The disadvantage of this course is that it requires strict adherence to the drinking regime and possible articular pains.
  • Stereoid courses are very popular for building lean muscle mass. They consist of a combination of Boldenone / Deca-Durabolin, a variety of testosterone esters. Perfectly combined with each other, they give a greater effect than the effect of the same preparations combined, but taken separately.
  • Another no less popular and safe course to increase the already existing “dry mass” is based on the combination of the drugs Testosterone Propionate / Primobolan / Danabol / Oxandrolone / Clomid. This course does not give back and side effects, but gives a slow set of muscle mass, unlike other courses. Mandatory after course therapy is based on the drug Clomid lasting at least two weeks, and begin to take the drug only on the fifth day after the course.

Conducting any, even the safest course, requires the mandatory intake of anti-estrogens, and conducting after a course of therapy that would normalize the functioning of the body.

Cartizole blockers will not let lose the accumulated mass and reliably secure the result while maintaining health. It is easier to eliminate the risk of negative side effects than a long time to heal and recover.