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Post Cycle Therapy


Cycle 1

Week Clomiphene citrate
1 25-50 mg/daily
2 25-50 mg/daily
3 25-50 mg/daily
4 25-50 mg/daily
Optional week 5 25-50 mg/daily
Optional week 6 25-50 mg/daily


Cycle 2

Week Tamoxifen Citrate
1 10-40 mg/daily
2 10-40 mg/daily
3 10-40 mg/daily
4 10-40 mg/daily
Optional week 5 10-40 mg/daily
Optional week 6 10-40 mg/daily


Cycle 3

Week Clomiphene Cit. Tamoxifen Citrate
1 50-100 mg/daily 40 mg/daily
2 50-100 mg/daily 40 mg/daily
3 50-100 mg/daily 20 mg/daily
4 50-100 mg/daily 20 mg/daily
Optional week 5 20 mg/daily
Optional week 6 20 mg/daily


12 rules for PCTT after the course

These rules are of a general reinforcing nature and are only part of the therapy after a course of anabolic steroids! They do not override adherence to a post-PCT regimen.

  1. Deep sleep for 9 hours;
  2. Light exercise (up to 50%) during therapy and for at least one month after completion of therapy (increase exercise as strength is available);
  3. Walking every day or every other day for 40-60 minutes (increases blood flow in the groin area);
  4. Resting in nature more often the better (promotes recovery through mental relaxation and walking);
  5. 1-1.2 grams of fat per 1kg of body weight (do not forget unsaturated fats);
  6. Increase the diet with zinc-containing foods (poultry, meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, cocoa);
  7. Increase the amount of vegetables (especially pumpkin and avocado) and greens;
  8. Vitamin E400me a day for a month, 200me for the second month;
  9. B6 vitamins take 30-50mg/day (preferably before meals);
  10. Electric grilled steak (fish/meat) in the evening, with a glass of wine (wine a couple of times a week up to 200 grams);
  11. PlayStation, board games, any other games, role-playing can do:) (promotes distraction and unloading from therapy, which has a positive effect on treatment);
  12. A blow job before you go to bed! (you can show this article to your favourite ladies if they don’t believe that it is an obligatory part of therapy:))) well, who would argue that:)) yes, why not? Pluses: it’s nice, it distracts in any way, it speeds up the bloodstream too, which is better than any Tadalafil, and the other pluses think of them yourself!)