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Aldactone 20x100mg – Pfizer





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Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer comes in the category of prescription supplements.

The main use of Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer is to help people with hypertension, hypokalemia and heart failure-like problems. Aldactone is usually combined with other medicines for consumption.

Buy Aldactone 20x100mg – Pfizer

Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer belongs to a category of drugs known as aldosterone antagonists and potassium-preserving drugs. In our Mactropinshop – you can buy Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer without a prescription.

How to consume the Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer?

Aldactone comes in a box with 20 tablets of 100 mg each. This supplement reacts very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in consultation with a doctor. Usually, experts do not allow more than 100 mg per day in the initial phase. The dosage can be increased by up to 20 to 200 mg per day. The duration of the dosage is particularly recommended by the doctor to each person.

Benefits of Aldactone 20x100mg Pfizer

Pfizer’s Aldactone 20x100mg helps to lower your blood pressure immediately. Hence, this lowers the risk of hypertension and other heart related problems.

The medicine also helps in recovering from hypokalemia.
It also reduces the risk of heart failure.
Side effects of Pfizer’s Aldactone 20x100mg.
Digestive problems are the main side effect during the duration of Aldactone treatment.
You may also experience diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.
The medicine also causes your liver to suffer from various problems in case of an overdose.


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