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Bacteriostatic water bottle 10ml Mactropin

The bacteriostatic water bottle 10ml of Mactropin was invented for use after adding medicines that need to be diluted for injection. The bacteriostatic water vial 10ml of Mactropin is a sterile and non-pyrogenic solution of water used in injections containing (9% mg/ml) benzyl alcohol. It is then used to dilute or dissolve other medicinal products.

The pH value of bacteriostatic water varies between 5.7 and 7.0. The bacteriostatic water bottle 10 ml Mactropin is readily available in the market. However, one should always use the original product.

How to inject Bacteriostatic Water Vial 10ml Mactropin

The manufacturer’s box provides only the dosage amount and other instructions. It is strongly recommended that you have yourself injected by a doctor or nurse. Store the bacteriostatic water at a temperature of 20 degrees or less. Inspect and limit the use of the drug to the only dilution with other drugs and then inject.

Benefits of bacteriostatic water bottle 10 ml Mactropin

  • Bacteriostatic water bottle 10 ml Mactropin helps dilute other drugs and facilitates the process.
  • Minimise the effect of strong drugs and give better results.


  • Unhealthy for pregnant women.
  • Also harmful for paediatric patients.
  • Overdose may lead to the formation of blood clots.



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