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HGH 10 x 10IU – Mactropin







Human Growth Hormone can be stored at room temperature.
After mixing Human Growth Hormone with the attached water it should be stored at 2°C to 8°C. Use it within one week to prevent quality loss.


Men: 4iu to 8iu a day
Female: 2iu to 4iu a day

Buy HGH Mactropin (Somatropin 10 IU/Vial- 10 vials)

Somatropin is, without a doubt, among the best products for quick recovery and which helps to boost cellular mass. While at it, there’s a reason the variant of Somatropin from Mactropin carries the day; it’s of unquestionable purity and concentration. In fact, Somatropin by Mactropin should be your number one choice of Somatropin.

This is the ultimate product if you’re to gain significant amount of strength and a great physique for aesthetic purposes.

Benefits of Somatropin

Human growth hormone (HGH) remains among the most popular and easily accessible products on the market. Just anybody, irrespective of their physical goals, can easily integrate it into their regimen. What’s more, almost every part of the body will benefit after administering this exogenous form of human growth hormone. This product contributes greatly to general body wellbeing whilst improving your performance.

Outlined are the benefits of Somatropin:

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis thereby guaranteeing better protection and restoration of tendons and ligaments
  • Improves bone mineral content which helps enhance user performance
  • Improved immune system
  • Elevated anabolic capacity hence boosting muscle gain
  • Fosters metabolism
  • Heightened fat burning capabilities
  • Better complexion /inner liveliness
  • Enhanced cardiac health

To sum up, Somatropin contribute a lot towards enhancing the vigor of users and enable them become even more active in their physical exercise.

Side Effects of Somatropin

Just like any other bodybuilding product, when administering human growth hormone (HGH), there’s a possibility of adverse effects manifesting meaning you should be prepared for them. The side effects of Somatropin may appear in the form of:

  • Joint discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Itchiness at the injection site
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Water retention (Oedema)
  • Elongated libs due to abuse

Worth noting is that most of these side effects are never harsh unless you exceed the recommended dosage or fail to stick to the given duration of administration. For adverse effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome / limb enlargement, you will need to seek the medical assistant if they’re prolonged and severe.

Be sure to undertake a medical checkup to ascertain your body can accommodate this product- this way, you can easily lower the possibility of experiencing side effects.

Somatropin / HGH Dosage and Cycles

When incorporating Somatropin in your cycle, the first thing to consider are your objectives; this means using varying dosages at different times. For example, the standard dosage range if looking for a boost in fitness or athletic performance is 2-4 IU per day . And if looking for anabolic (muscle growth), dosages of between 6-8 IU per day for at least 16 weeks and not exceeding 6 months will serve you well.

It’s important to mention that this product works incredibly well when used for extended durations as opposed to short periods.

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