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HGH 10 x 10IU – Mactropin


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Human Growth Hormone can be stored at room temperature.
After mixing Human Growth Hormone with the attached water it should be stored at 2°C to 8°C. Use it within one week to prevent quality loss.


Men: 4iu to 8iu a day
Female: 2iu to 4iu a day

Buy HGH – Mactropin

Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone that is produced by your own body. How much your body is producing depends on your body type and age. The highest levels of Human Growth Hormone is at your childhood, till the age of 18 years. The older you get, the less Human Growth Hormone your body will produce.

Human Growth Hormone is a very important hormone and interacts a lot with your metabolism and mental state. The higher the level of Human Growth Hormone in your body, the more muscle mass your body will create and the less fat your body will hold. When taking exogenous Human Growth Hormone it will also create new muscle cells and activate muscle satellite cells.

Human Growth Hormone is the most populair peptide of all and this is not without a reason. It is the most anabolic peptide of all and when use correct, it can change your body drastically. Your body will create a 3D look and your body will recover faster from each training. This means more muscle mass and more overall strength. But to get the best results, it will have to be taking with anabolic steroids. Without anabolic steroids you will not see and get the potentional you can get.