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Masteron Propionate 100mg 10ml – Mactropin



Dosage: 100mg to 200mg every other day.

Short-acting drostanolone ester known for its hardening effect and synergy with testosterone. Highly androgenic. Supports the central nervous system.

Product Performance Masteron Propionate – Mactropin

Strength: 80%
Muscle Gain: 40%
Fat/Water Loss: 80%
Side Effects: 40%
Keep Gains: 40%

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Masteron propionate is an oil-based product that need to be injected intramuscular. It has a half-life of approximately 2 days. This means that it needs to be injected at least every 2 days. Athletes that are using masteron propionate are often competitive athletes that want to get rid of body fat. It gives them the ability to eat less and to preserve their muscle mass.

How to store:
Masteron Propionate must be stored at room temperature. It should not be refrigerated or frozen and it should be kept away from sunlight.


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