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Ripped Mix 150mg/ml – Mactropin



Ripped Mix 150mg/ml

This product contains the following composition:

Testosterone Propionate 50mg

Masteron Propionate 50mg

Trenbolone Acetate 50mg

Dosage: 150mg to 300mg every other day.

Buy Ripped Mix 150mg/ml – of Mactropin Online

Ripped Mix 150mg / ml by Mactropin is a short ester steroid that is widely used by bodybuilders, especially during the drying phase. When you are in the haircut stage, you need to make sure that you are not gaining fat so that your muscles look more prominent and black.

That’s why Ripped Mix 150mg / ml brings you a blend of 3 short essential steroids that are best for cutting and making your muscles grow significantly. Therefore, if you are looking to build muscle shortly before a competition, you should buy Ripped Mix 150mg / ml from Mactropin and follow the cycle to get results.

How to use Ripped Mix 150mg/ml?

It is a short ester steroid, which is considered the best for cutting. Therefore, you should follow a 6 to 8 week cycle and inject the steroid every day. You can take 150 to 300 mg of steroids every day and an overdose can have adverse effects.

Benefits of Mactropin Ripped Blend 150mg/ml

  • It helps you increase your strength and improve your training sessions.
  • It will help you lose fat and gain lean muscle.
  • It helps in increasing the libido to the maximum level.

Side Effects of Using Ripped Mix 150mg/ml.

  • It can cause various heart disease and liver damage, and even high blood pressure.
  • It can cause tren gyno.
  • It can lead to a lot of sweating even at room temperature.



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