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Roaccutane 30x20mg Pharmathen



Roaccutane isotretinoin 30x20mg Pharmathen

Roaccutane by Pharmathen is an oral steroid to fight acne.

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Effectiveness of Pharmathen Roaccutane

Roaccutane is an organic chemical that is used to fight different types of acne, mainly only when other standard antibacterial drugs fail. It has been used for 80 years to fight the most severe forms of acne. Roaccutane by Mactropin can also be used to treat other forms of acne, such as mild to moderate acne, as well as moderate to severe acne accompanied by profuse seborrhea and a tendency to form scars.

Dosage of Roaccutane

The dose of Roaccutane depends on body weight. The starting dose is 0.5 mg/kg body weight per day, divided into 1-2 doses. Check after 4 weeks and, if necessary, adjust the dose, depending on the effect and side effects, to a maintenance dose of 0.1-1 mg/kg/day. The total duration of treatment is usually 16-24 weeks, up to a cumulative dose of 120-150 mg/kg.

Side effects of Roaccutane

Most side effects when taking this medicine vary from body to body. The following classifications have been made to explain all side effects:

Very common (>10%): itching, dry skin, dermatitis, erythematous rash, skin fragility, dry or irritated eyes, anaemia, thrombocytopenia, increased blood clotting, arthralgia and myalgia.
General (1-10%): dry nose, nasopharyngitis, nasal blood, headache, elevated cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
Rare (0.01-0.1%): hypersensitivity, allergic skin reactions, alopecia, mood swings, anxiety, (growth) depression and aggression.


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