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Sleep Aid 30x10mg – Mactropin



Sleep Aid 30x10mg

This product contains the active ingredient:


Dosage: 1 tablet 30 minutes before bed

Product must be stored at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

A Perfect Place to Buy Sleep Aid Online

Sleep Aid by Mactropin 30×10 mg for sleeping pills is mainly used to treat symptoms of fever or other allergies. It induces drowsiness by acting against histamine, a chemical produced by the central nervous system. In addition, most OTC sleeping pills contain antihistamines, and they are all meant to be used only for two to three nights at a time.

However, if you have problems such as stress, travel, or other disturbances that keep you awake, you can take this medication after consulting your doctor. You can easily order the sleeping pills Sleep Aid 30×10 mg here on Mactropinshop.com at the best price.

Benefits of Sleep Aid 30x10mg Mactropin

Sleep Aid 30x10mg Mactropin is used in sleep aids because they affect the histamine receptor in the body, which plays a role in waking up. That is why taking this drug can make you sleepy.

Plus, it slows down activity in the brain, allowing you to sleep. Its extended release version has two layers, the first one supports when you fall asleep and the second dissolves gradually to help you stay asleep.



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