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T4 (200 mcg 100 tabs) – Mactropin







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Thyroid hormones affect all tissues by participating in the regulation of many metabolic reactions.


100-250mcg every day

Buy T4 (200mcg 100tabs) – Mactropin

How to use:

The dose of T4 is between 100-200mcg. The best way to start your cycle is with a low dose. Build up the dose slowly until you reach the desired dose. Reduce the dose gradually until you are done.

A typical T4 cycle is approximately 8 weeks. Below a frequently used cycle:

  • Week 1: 100mcg
  • Week 2: 150mcg
  • Week 3: 200mcg
  • Week 4: 200mcg
  • Week 5: 200mcg
  • Week 6: 200mcg
  • Week 7: 150mcg
  • Week 8: 100mcg

Note: women are more sensitive to T4 than men. The maximum dose for women is 150mcg.

Positive side effects:

  • Fat loss / Increased fat burning
  • More energy
  • Anti-catabolic

Not to be used with:

  • High bloodpressure
  • Heart trouble

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