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Recommend a normal dose of T4 30 x 200mg Uni Pharma 100-200mg per day.

T4 30x200mg Uni Pharma is a means that helps with weight loss or dry training. It ensures that you lose more fat and faster it increases your metabolism. It also usually gives you more energy throughout the day.

Buy  T4 30 x 200mg from Uni Pharma

Below is an example of what a cycle usually looks like from T4 Uni Pharma.

When you start your cycle, start with a lower dose and slowly build up to a higher dose and then reduce it afterwards! you could start with a dose of 100mg per week and build up to a dose of 200mg per week.

Example for the man!

Week 1: 100 mg

Week 2: 150 mg

Weeks 3 to 7: 200 mg

Week 8: 150 mg

Week 9: 100 mg

T4 can also be used by women, but we do not recommend going higher than 150mg per day.

Example for the woman!

Weeks 1 to 2: 100 mg

Weeks 2 to 7: 150 mg

Weeks 8 to 9: 100 mg


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